Why do we ask you to sign up to access a Podcast?

On the Internet, there are some podcasts available without a necessary sign-up. So why does Voice Republic ask you as a user to sign up to access the podcasts on voicerepublic.com?

Well, besides the previously mentioned sites, there are also some that require a sign-up – for a good reason. Take Apple iTunes, for example. iTunes is a big directory full of videos, TV shows and podcasts. To be able to access that directory you need an account.

Voice Republic is similar – it is not only a host for content. We are a platform and the Home to the Spoken Word.  We are making it easy for content providers like conferences, podcasters and private people like lecturers to produce and distribute their content. And all content that is created on Voice Republic is freely available to all users. Users might just want to listen, but they also might want to download, comment, share or even to host their own talks. Think of it more as a social network for audible content than just a site to download some MP3 files. For a social network to flourish there is equal need for content producers as well as consumers.

We are glad you are giving Voice Republic a try! Please join in and leave your voice for everyone to hear.

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