Does Voice Republic charge fees?

No. Listening to talks, creating an account and downloading podcasts is for free. Live streaming events and uploading files is also free. Additional services like our technical support on site are chargeable.

Can I realize a live stream by myself or do I have to hire Voice Republic?

You can easily realize your own live stream, without any help from a Voice Republic employee. The flexible, easy to use solution of Voice Republic gives you the opportunity to stream your event live without further engineering. You only need an audio source and stable Internet connection.

Use our Voice Republic StreamBoxx for easy audio livestreaming.

Do I have to stream live or can I just upload content?

You don't need a live stream to use our audio archive. You can simply upload your files to the Voice Republic archive in your user account, under “Upload a Recording”.

Can I start a live stream at a different time than the one I gave when I created the talk?

Yes, you can start you live stream at any time by clicking on "Start Broadcast". This may be before or after the date previously indicated.

I click on "Subscribe to Podcast" and nothing happens

Find an extensive how to in our help area