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How do podcasts work?

Through podcasts, you can listen to content that interest you anytime, on the device of your choice. Simply download the audio files of the respective talks to your computer or your phone. You can also subscribe to series or users, which means you will be automatically notified when there is new content. To download the podcasts and listen to them, you need an additional app or program, a so-called “podcatcher.” With this app, you can use the RSS feeds to subscribe to all podcasts that interest you and create your own customized audio collection. At Voice Republic you can not only listen to all audio files not only in your browser, but also download podcasts for free.

Podcast Download to a computer

You need to sign up for a free account at Voice Republic before you can download podcasts. When you’re logged in, go to the talk page of the content you want to download as podcast and then continue as follows:
1. Click on “PODCAST” beneath the talk picture.

podcast button

2. A pop-up with the RSS link opens now. If you’re using iTunes, just click on “OPEN IN ITUNES”. If not, hit the button “GO TO RSS FEED”.


podcast popup

2. A new tab will open, where you can download the mp3 file. If it does not work in Google Chrome, try using Mozilla Firefox. Select the mp3 file by right-clicking and then choose “Save Target As” from the drop-down-menu to download it.

mp3 podcast herunterladen


3. Now you can listen to the podcast with your usual software, for example with the VLC player, iTunes, etc.

You can also subscribe to users or series, for example with the “RSS feed reader” plugin for Google Chrome, and stay up to date with new content. Just go to the user profile or series and click on “SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST”. Then proceed as described above.



Copy RSS feed manually

Some browsers (e.g. Chrome) don’t support the automatic opening of the RSS feed. The link can easily be copied manually and pasted at iTunes or other programs. You get the link by right clicking on “Subscribe to Podcast” or “Podcast” and then selecting “Copy Link Address”.

subscribe user

This is how a RSS feed link looks like: feed://

Some podcast Apps need the RSS feed in another form. If the manually added link does not work, remove “feed” at the beginning and supplement with “http”:

Podcast Download to an iPhone

1. Go to the Voice Republic Archive in your mobile browser, for example Safari, and click on the talk you want to download, or on the series or user you want to subscribe to.

2. When you click on “Podcast”, your podcast app should open automatically. If you have not yet installed a suitable App, you will be asked to download one in the App Store.

3. If the talk now does not open automatically in your podcast app, press the “Podcast” button in the bottom-right corner of the player for 2 seconds and then select “Copy”.


podcast_download_iphone_eng (1)

4. You can now paste the RSS-Feed’s URL  into your app and download the podcast.

podcast_download_iphone_eng (2)

For the iPhone we recommend the pre-installed app “Podcasts“.


Podcast Download to an Android Cellpone

On mobile phones using the Android operating system, podcasts can also easily be downloaded.

1. Simply press the “podcast” button in the lower right corner of the talk you want to download as a podcast. If you wand to subscribe to a user, press “Subscribe to Podacst” in their profile or “Subscribe to Series”, if it’s the series you want to listen to.

Podcast_download_android (5b)

2. Now a popup will appear, asking you which app you want to use to listen to the podcast.


3. In the respective app, the RSS feed will open automatically and the podcasts will be ready for downloading. we recommend the apps Podcast Addict and AntennaPod.

Podcast_download_android (3)

If you want to start podcasting yourself: we explain how you can stream your podcast live or upload a podcast to Voice Republic.

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