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The need for communication in science is high. Not only between individual scientists who work together but live on different continents, but also the communication with the public. Voice Republic is a valuable resource for science news – a digital audio science magazine for scientists and the interested public.

Science News 2.0

Forum_wissenschaftskommunikationIt is no surprise that especially science communication takes place increasingly in the digital realm. The demand for mobile and cost-effective methods to support the global research is rising. The 8th Forum on Science Communication in the past year was dedicated to this topic. And they directly implemented what they are talking about: Voice Republic streamed the talks live and saved them in the archive. Thus one of the most important events in the field of science communication is documented and publicly accessible, free of charge. The organizers reach not only participants who could not attend all events in person, but also other interested listeners.

Documentation of Scientific Events


Nobody can attend all the conferences, barcamps and lectures in the different disciplines. This makes it all the more important that these events are documented and accessible to everyone interested. The Fraunhofer Institute shows how it’s done. The presentations and discussions of their Urban Futures Conference are available in the Voice Republic archives. Thus experts from around the world can independently listen to the contents – no matter where they are, no matter when they want. The event’s organizers can use these recordings for further marketing: They show the quality of content and can help promoting the next event.

Build up your reputation with online talks

Individual scientists, too, should not underestimate the effect of a comprehensive online presence. The awareness of one’s own person, but above all of one’s work can be considerably increased if you publish presentations, lectures and other work online. Platforms such as Voice Republic provide access to interested colleagues and students, but also the public outside the very tight circle of experts. Voice Republic provides a highly relevant and active target audience – it is faster and more interactive than any printed science magazine.

Science PR

Science journalists and bloggers can benefit from numerous scientific talks on Voice Republic. For example, they can enrich their articles with relevant audio material or share their own talks with the Voice Republic audience. Embedding the Voice Republic Player into websites and blogs via iFrame is easy and for free.

Research news online

There are different platforms, such as ResearchGate, which offer scientists a communication tool to share their own publications, talk to each other and work collaboratively. This exchange is very important for the scientific community. Scientists need platforms that give them the opportunity to present their own work to colleagues and other experts. Sometimes, it also makes sense to address a wider audience. Voice Republic listeners often have very broad interests and can thus be exciting multipliers.

Presentations on science communication

Within the framework of the 8th Forum on Science Communication it was hotly debated how scientific topics can be communicated and especially how to reach an appropriate target group. We have selected some of you Talks to listen. Of course, further talks are on science communication in Voice Republic archive available

All talks

Photo: Wissenschaft im Dialog

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