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In the digital age, the discoverability of content is critical to its success. An important tool to attain discoverability is Search Engine Optimization, i.e. optimizing content for search engines such as Google. You want your content to rank as high as possible in the Google hits. As explained in the blog article for keyword research, good keywords form the basis for this. They must be carefully selected before one can even begin editing the content and metadata.

Search Engine Optimization: What should I do?

Google can not read everything, but a lot. This of course includes written information, such as articles, images, partly audio and video files and especially metadata. Metadata is an important currency on the Internet. They describe the content and thus add information to the content. On Voice Republic, you can customize this information easily and effectively.

A structure is needed: headings, sub-headings and sections

Once you have found suitable keywords, you should be clear about the structure of your content. Google prefers content that is structured. This includes headers (in HTML the h1, h2, h3, …), paragraphs (p), bold (strong) and italic elements (em). These provide an orientation not only the reader, but also for the search engines.

The Voice Republic forms in which you enter your user and talk information can all be formatted by means of Markdown. Markdown is a simplified version of HTML and is intended to make the handling as easy as possible. To see which commands you need to get your desired result, please see this Markdown manual.

How often should keywords appear in a text?

Often SEO instructions contain sentences like”Write a text with 300 words and a keyword density of 3 percent”. However, there are different opinions on the factor keyword density and its validity. There are many different benchmarks circling on the Internet. Some think a keyword density of 5 to 7 percent is perfect, others even ay 12 percent.

It is clear that the search algorithm of Google is getting better and puts an emphasis on semantics. This means that it won’t do you any good to use selected keywords as often as possible in the headings and the text. Your text must make sense and provide useful information. Only then you run a successful SEO. Therefore, your description texts on Voice Republic need to be factually correct and well-written. It makes sense to use the keyword at least once in a headline, in the first paragraph and for longer texts again in the description.

Which elements on Voice Republic increase the discoverability of content?

The principle is: the more complete the description of a talk, a group or a user profile, the better the search engine optimization. This is why the most important fields in the forms are mandatory.


Title* Select a title that attracts the interest of your audience and give them a clear idea of what to expect in the talk. Optimally, the keyword is also included.
Short Description* The short description can be up to 140 characters. If the keyword can not be used in the title, it should show up here.
Language* The classification of the language helps the search engines to categorize the content.
Tags* Here your keywords and other descriptive terms should be included, for example the category, the format (reading, discussion etc.) and the location of the event.
Speakers If possible, you should identify the speaker or the participants of the event by name. This also benefits the SEO and thus the discoverability of your content.
Date/Time/Duration* For recorded talks, always select a time of transmission in the past. In this way, know your audience, when the talk was held.
Image* Upload a picture which suits the audio as best as possible, for example one from the event itself. Make sure not to infringe on any rights.
Description* Give your listeners detailed background information on your Talk here. 2300 characters (which is about one page in MS Word) are available. Please note that you can edit the text using Markdown, and can also insert links and images. The headlines and corresponding keywords should be emphasized.
Slides You can add presentation slides in PDF format, if you like.

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