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What are the latest trends in digital economy? How do big enterprises work? How can one make money and what should be viewed critically? Plenty of conferences, lectures and business events can be heard or downloaded at Voice Republic. We present you our favourites here.


Big Data is the keyword, not just in the context of German economy’s attempt to take digitization seriously , but also in development cooperation. The use of telco data in development context was highly discussed during the outbreak of Ebola last year. In which case is it justifiable to use telco data in countries where there are no or weak privacy and data protection laws? What do citizens have to say when it comes to the reuse of their anonymized or personal data for a greater good, like fighting the spread of a disease, or the decongestion of city areas? In this panel, international experts like David DeissnerNanjira Sambuli, and Zara Rahman discuss examples from Senegal and Kenya and the pros and cons of big data in development contexts.

Fraunhofer Urban Futures Conference

What the city of the future will look like, is interesting not only for researchers, but also for the industry. Self-propelled cars and Smart Homes are just the beginning of a huge market. At the Urban Futures Conference of the Fraunhofer IAO, politicians, business decision makers and scientists discuss the future of our cities.

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Future Urban Business: Key to Urban Transition

Smart cities and urban innovations only succeed if someone is able to make business out of them. But do we have the business model for the city of the future? And is it congruent with cities’ intention to balance social, environmental and economic needs? Prof. Dr. Ina Schieferdecker, Dr. Graham Colclough and other experts discuss business models that foster sustainable transitions in our cities.


Business Club at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Business Club 2015, Frankfurter Buchmesse 2015
© Bernd Hartung /Frankfurter Buchmesse

The Business Club at the Frankfurt Book Fair is a symbiosis of a working space, learning centre and networking hub. It offers its members exclusive meeting possibilities, quiet work areas, inspiring event formats and networking opportunities. Listen to the presentations and discussions with authors, publishers and literature specialists here.

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“The Pillars of the Earth”: Interactive literature – from the novel to a game

Ken Follett‘s most popular book, The Pillars of the Earth, is going to be turned into a video-game by Daedalic. He is excited about it: “I hope that this will bring my work to a new generation of readers in a different and exciting way.” Listen to the whole talk here:

A MAZE. The games industry meets in Berlin

A MAZE. / Berlin brings together international independent game developers, digital creatives and game enthusiast in Berlin. It is also a public festival with music , a hand selected exhibition of experimental independent videogames, virtual reality experiences and interactive installations.

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A MAZE Masterclass: Rami Ismail in conversation with Leigh Alexander

The A MAZE masterclasses are 1 hour long in-depth conversations between a journalist and a “veteran” of the game scene. In this one, Leigh Alexander talked to Rami Ismail about all his projects and activities outside of Vlambeer.

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