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“Internet of Things” Conference

The Internet of Things is one of the major developments in our present society, culture and economy. Smart Homes, Connected Cars and the Industry 4.0 are just the beginning. Some of the major voices on the topic met at the conference “Internet of Things” to share their experiences and knowledge. Find the most exciting talks on Voice Republic.

The talks

Keynote: UX Desgin for the Internet of Things

This talk by Clair Rowland will outline why the technology of the internet of things poses big challenges for the user experience of IoT services, and how multiple layers of design are needed to cope with the complexity of interconnected devices: from productisation to service design, clear conceptual models and cross-device usability.

A Platform for Things

The Internet of Things is often described in high level details without a lot of substance or in very low level details without a lot of context. In this talk, Tim Park likes to talk about the experiences he had working on the Internet of Things from his time at Nest Labs and in working with various customers working on solutions in this space with Microsoft and what he sees as the principal design points of the Internet of Things from that perspective.

Corporate Surveillance in the Age of Digital Tracking, Big Data & Internet of Things

These days thousands of companies are tracking and analyzing our everyday activities – cross-browser, cross-platform, cross-device and even offline. During the development of the award-winning serious game Data Dealer, the Austrian digital rights activist Wolfie Christl spent several years researching issues of digital tracking and consumer privacy. He recently published an extensive study on global trends corporate surveillance in the age of Big Data and Internet of Things, based on a comprehensive review of academic literature, news articles and corporate resources. At re:publica 2015 he will give an entertaining yet in-depth overview about his research results.

EFL: A graphical toolkit for the Internet of things

Cedric Bail is a computer science engineer, long time contributor to the Enlightenment project and now working for Samsung Mobile division. He worked before for two French operator in their R&D department. He has been involved in several Free or Open Source project in the past 15 years, was involved a lot in the French Enlightenment community and is an experienced C developer. He is behind many refactoring, speed and memory improvement of EFL.

The Internet of Experience

Join speaker Avi Itzkovitch for a look beyond designing for the screen. In this presentation, Avi will demonstrate the principles of using sensors and human generated context for Adaptive Design, and you will learn concepts for a multi-device ecosystem, a world where multiple connected devices will create a better experience through the product lifecycle.

Picture: Frederico Cintra on flickr

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