Create and Edit your Voice Republic Account

With your own Voice Republic account, you can not only listen to the talks, but also create your own live streams and podcasts. As a signed-up user you can use the function “Pin Talk” to create your own playlist and you can take part in the disussions on the platform by using the comment function. Creating an account won’t take long.

Create account

1. Follow this link:

2. Fill in the required data.

Please note: If you’re creating an account for an institution or event, don’t take your own name, but the institution’s name as first and last name.

sign up

3. Please confirm your account by clicking on the confirmation link we sent to your email address.


Edit account

Now you can complete your account with a picture, a short and a long description and additional information. For example, you can link to your website and social media profiles. You can also change your password here or manually change the URL for your Voice Republic account.


edit profile

Change name and URL

You can change your account information whenever you want to. If you have created the profile for an institution or company, both the account and the URL should be named accordingly for optimal searchability.

Please note: If you change the URL, previous links to your profile will be invalid. All other links (to talks or series) are not affected.