The Voice Republic Embed Player

Embed a talk into your website or blog

The Voice Republic Embed Player is a great feature: you can use it to embed the contents of the Voice Republic archive into your own website. If you are the publisher, your audience will not have to leave your website to listen to the talk. If you’re a blogger or journalist, you can add another layer to blog posts, articles and media reports. This function is free for all users and can also be used without an account or any prior notification to Voice Republic.



How to use the Embed Player

  1. Click the Embed button below the talk picture.


  1. Copy the indicated code.
  2. Add the code in the appropriate place of your website or blog. The iFrame should be displayed correctly now.


The Embed Player’s features


The Embed Player does not just look pretty, it can also do a lot of stuff. Here are the most important functions. First, you can of course play the embedded Talk, pause it and see by the time code which part of the Talk you are listening to.



The first button on the right side represents the presentation slides. Especially for scientific presentations, the speakers often upload presentations to a Talk. To see them, click the button and you will be forwarded to the Talk Page on Voice Republic.



The relevant and current Talks on Voice Republic are part of the public discourse. That means anyone can and should participate. You can say your opinion or ask questions in the comment section by clicking on the speech bubbles. To comment, a free Voice Republic account is required.


Pin Talk

You don’t have time to listen to the talk right now and want to keep it in mind for later? Or you like it so much that you might want to hear it again, embed or share it? Then the “Pin Talk” function is what you need. Once you have a free Voice Republic account, you can create your own playlist by pinning Talks to your profile. The Embed Player also provides this option by the pin button. If you are currently not logged into your account, you must do so before you can start pinning.



If a talk is really good (or bad), you might want to share it with your friends and colleagues. Sharing in social networks or via email is made easy by the “Share” function. Click the Share button and you will get the options Twitter, Facebook and email. By the way: For each talk a flyer is automatically created and will appear as a preview, for example on Twitter. If you share the Talk on Facebook, you can even listen to it in Facebook’s own player.


embed_player_share 2


Resizing the Voice Republic Embed Player

The predefined size of the talk player does not look good in every website’s or article’s layout. You can change the size by changing the embed code.

An example with the original code:

<iframe width=”445″ height=”140″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen></iframe>

The player looks like this:

If you want the player to be a bit smaller, for example, you have to adjust the measurements for “width” and “height”:

<iframe width=”300” height=”150” src=”” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen></iframe>

The result is:

You can resize the player however you like to make it look good on your website. Just try it out.