How to upload an audio file

As an alternative to the live talks that can be transmitted and then archived on Voice Republic, you can upload recorded talks from your hard drive directly. To upload a talk to the Voice Republic Archive, you need to have a Voice Republic account. Sign up here, it’s for free.

So this is how the upload works:
1. Hit “Publish” in the menu bar or on your profile page and then select “UPLOAD A TALK”.

menue bar publish

in between page upload talk
2. To upload an audio file from your computer, click on “CHOOSE A FILE TO UPLOAD” now.

  • You can upload files in the audio formats MP3, M4A, OGG and WAV. You can also upload videos in the MPG format – the audio will be autamatically extracted in the uploading process.
  • During the upload (indicated by the green progress bar), you can already enter all information about the talk.

upload talk form


3. Fill in the form. Fields marked with * are mandatory:


Title Select a title that catches the attention of your audience and gives them a clear idea of what content awaits them.
Short Description The short description can be up to 140 characters long. It will be displayed on the talk page directly under the title.
Language Choose the language in which the main part of the talk is held from the dropdown menu.
Tags* Tags are keywords for related topics. They improve the findability of your talks in the Voice Republic Archive and in search engines like Google.
Example: Talk Title: Amnesty International, Tags: NGO, human rights, human rights organization, public relations, commitment, torture, responsibility, Pietro Antonioli.Your tags should include information on the theme, format of talks and speakers. We suggest more frequently used keywords that will help with orientation.
Speakers  If possible, identify the speakers or the participants of the event by name. This also helps with the discoverability of your content.
Date/Time/Duration Always select a time of transmission in the future for live talks. If the actual talk starts before that, you can simply start the transmission by clicking on the “Start” button.
Series A series is comparable to a theme folder.
To assign the talk to the default series called “My Talks”, keep the pre-selection from the dropdown menu. To assign the talk to another series, select the desired series in the dropdown menu. To create a new series for the talk, select Create New Series and enter the series name under New Series Title. You can also edit the series later by clicking on it and selecting Edit.
Image To upload an image from your hard drive, click Select Image. More information on image sizes.
Description Give your listeners detailed background information about your talk.
2300 characters (which is about one page in MS Word) are available. Please note that you can edit the text using Markdown and can also insert links and images.
Slides  You can also add presentation slides to your talk. You can upload Powerpoint or PDF files from your hard drive.

4. To upload your talk to the archive, click the Save button. After saving, you will be automatically redirected to the talk page. Here you can change the entered information at any time. Just click on the EDIT TALK button.