Listen to talks on Voice Republic

With Voice Republic everyone – even without an account – can listen to the live streams and the talks in the archive. This service is free. In addition, each user can create a free account with our registration form.

This has the following advantages:

  • You can take part in the discussions belonging to the talks
  • You can create your own playlist
  • You can download talks and follow series

Find talks

On Voice Republic there are currently more than 3,000 talks from the fields of art, culture, politics, media, economy and technology. To find the talks that interest you, there are several possibilities.

Live and archived talks

If you just want to browse and see what Voice Republic has to offer, you can find the newest and most interesting things on our homepage or in the audio archive, where you can also choose different categories to browse in.

The search function

If you are looking for very specific archived content, please use the search function.

  1. The archive can be searches for the following criteria:
    • Keywords, e.g. surveillance
    • Talk title, e.g. The Next War
    • Speakers, e.g. Slavoj Žižek
    • Voice Republic user names, e.g. re:publica 14
    • Names of series, e.g. Politics & Society
  2. Wenn Sie nicht sofort finden, wonach Sie suchen, kombinieren Sie verschiedene Kriterien, e.g. Lobo society

Listen to similar talks

You have a found Talk that you like and want to hear more about related topics?

  1. Open a talk from the archive.
  2. You now have a choice between the following options.
    • To hear other talks from the same playlist, the same user or the same category choose one of the talks in the right sidebar.
    • To listen to the same Talks series, click the series name (e.g. Politics & Society) top right of the talk page.
    • To view information on the talk publisher and all his talks and series, click on the user name (e.g. re: pulica14) above the player window.

Voice Republic Spotlights

Voice Republic sets up spotlights around certain topics. We collect the most relevant talks around topics like whistleblowing, internet of things and investigative journalism. You can browse them in our blog.

>> Go to Voice Republic Spotlights