Live Streaming with the Voice Republic StreamBoxx



The Voice Republic StreamBoxx is a streaming hardware which allows easy audio live streaming and automatic archiving of presentations, lectures and conferences. The user benefits from easy handling and can save resources by live streaming and recording multiple stage at the same time. Let us explain step by step how to use the Voice Republic StreamBoxx.


Technical requirements

The StreamBoxx reduces your time expenses and technical expenditure. Once plugged in, you can control your live streams remotely – from wherever you want.

The technical requirements at your event location are:

  • Internet (LAN)
  • Connection to power
  • Audio signal (analog or digital)

If the technical requirements are met at your venue, you can start your live stream with the StreamBoxx. Here’s what you should pay attention to.


Preparation is key

  • Determine the program and the stages

First schedule the program and the number of stages. For each stage, you need one Voice Republic StreamBoxx.


  • Order the StreamBoxxes

Order the desired number of StreamBoxxes at least 3 weeks before the event takes place. We will send you the technical equipment and rent it to you for the duration of the event for free. Should you decide to purchase the StreamBoxx, please contact us.


  • Set up the stages and talk program at Voice Republic

In your Voice Republic account, you can create a talk for every session of your event. Every talk is assigned to a stage. Learn more about managing your stages here.

We also offer a semi-automatic solution to upload a large amount of talks and make your job easier. Just let us know!


  • Preparations on site

To ensure nothing goes wrong during the event, you should definitely test the StreamBoxxes in advance. The test can take place only if the stages and the stage machinery have already been built. Please be aware of the technical requirements of the StreamBoxx during the planning process, so you can take them into account for the construction.

The test run should take place under realistic conditions: test the StreamBoxx at the respective stage and with the same Internet connection you will use during the event. You can use the function Test Talk for this. You find it by clicking on “Publish” in your menu bar and then on “TEST LIVE STREAM”. A Test Talk is deleted automatically after 24 hours.


Start Your Stream

1. Connect the StreamBoxx to the audio signal of the respective stage, to power and to the Internet via LAN. How to connect your StreamBoxx is explained in the manual, which also comes with your ordered StreamBoxx.

2. Log into your Voice Republic account, go to the talk you want to stream and hit “STREAM NOW”.

talk page stream now
3. Choose the stages you would like to stream and, if necessary, open additional stages in new tabs.

venues voice republic

The program you have previously created is associated with the stages. The talks are in the order that you specified. This way, you can jump easily to the next talk, as soon as one is finished.
4. Hit “LAUNCH SERVER” to start your own streaming server.

venue page launch server
5. Click “CHANGE STREAMING SOURCE” to select the StreamBoxx at this stage. If you haven’t connected a StreamBoxx with your account yet, read how it works here.

venue page change streaming source
6. Check your audio signal. The amplitude of the audio meter shows you whether you receive an audio signal. You can enable the sound on your computer, if you want to hear the signal. Please note that there is a small delay between the input and output. You are the only one who can hear this signal as long as you haven’t started the talk.

venue stop streaming
7. You have checked everything and you receive a clean signal? Perfect! Now hit “START STREAMING”. With “STOP STREAMING” you stop your talk. Once you have done this, the system automatically jumps to the next talk in the timeline. You can see all the talks scheduled for this stage by clicking on “ALL TALKS” in the upper right corner.

venue page all talks


Your StreamBoxx Recordings

Whenever the StreamBoxx receives an audio signal, it records it and saves it locally. The recordings are uploaded as soon as the StreamBoxx has an Internet access with sufficient bandwidth (at least 120 kb/s). You can view and download the uncompressed OGG files by selecting “StreamBoxx Recordings” from the drop-down menu under your profile.

menue bar my recordings

You can play the files with the VLC Player and edit them with the free program Audacity. If you want to upload an audio file to talk that has already been created, you can do so by using the “EDIT THIS TALK” function.