Mobile Streaming with an iPhone

If you want to realize your own live stream on Voice Republic, you can use our StreamBoxx, your computer or an mobile phone with Android. With an iPhone,  you have two options to realize live streams on Voice Republic. You can choose between the apps KoalaSAN and iCast 2. Both apps can be bought in the Apple Store.

Streaming with KoalaSAN

KoalaSAN is an easy-to-handle live stream App and is mostly used for web-radio. It costs 5,99 €.

>> Step-by-step guide to streaming with KoalaSAN

Streaming with iCast 2

iCast 2 can be downloaded for 23,99 € in the Apple Store and is the broadcast app for professionals. You can use it stand alone, with an external microphone or headset and even plug it into a compatible mixer.

>> Step-by-step guide to streaming with iCast 2