Share and promote talks

You can draw your audience’s attention to your content through various channels. On the talk page itself you have several options to immediately share it on social networks and via email.

Flyers and social media

You have different ways to share the Talk. The following channels are available automatically on Voice Republic: Facebook, Twitter, Email.


These sharing options can be found down right on the talk page. Once you have clicked on one of the icons, you will be redirected to a template optimized for the respective channel. There, the link and the flyer for the talk are already stored. On the flyer, information is given about speakers, title and transmission time. You only have to post a comment.
Tip: If your browser blocks pop-ups, you have to allow them for the operation.

If you want to print the flyer, share it on a different channel or download it, click the download icon on the left. This will open a download window and you can download the flyer easily.