How to manage your digital stages on Voice Republic

All talks happening at your event are assigned to a particular stage. That means every real stage has a digital counterpart. Here we explain how you can create and select stages.

1. Schedule a live talk

To create a stage, you need to schedule a live talk. For this, you need to log into your Voice Republic account. Then hit “Publish” in the menu bar or on your profile page and choose “SCHEDULE LIVE TALK”.

menue bar publish

in between page schedule live talk


2. Set up a new stage

When creating a talk, you need to fill out a form with all the information about your talk. You are also asked to select a stage. Every user has a default stage called “Venue of …”. If you want to stream from one stage only during your event, select this one.


If you want to broadcast talks from several stages though, you can now create a new stage. Once you have selected “Create New Stage”, you can name your stage. You can number your stages or name them after the locations they are at. Just be sure you can recognize them later and assign all your talks. Just finish creating your talk now, your stage will be created once you hit “Save”.

3. Stream from your stages

Go to one of your scheduled talks and hit “STREAM NOW”. You will automatically land on the Stage Control Center for this particular talk. To see als stages, click on “STAGES” in the upper left corner.

venue page stages

To stream several stages at the same time, we recommend using the Voice Republic StreamBoxx on site. As opposed to streaming with a PC, where you need a computer at every stage, the StreamBoxx allows you to control all streams from one place – which can be wherever you like.



Select any stage and on the top you will see the next two talks scheduled for this stage. If you want to see all tals scheduled for this stage, click on “ALL TALKS”. You can stream your talks in the chronological order.


venue page all talks


You are all set now, good luck with your live streams! Here you can find more information on how to do audio live streams on Voice Republic and how to stream with the StreamBoxx.