Streaming with “butt” (broadcast using this tool)

Voice Republic offers the possibility to use different streaming applications, so-called Icecast clients, to control the live streams. The openness of Voice Republic gives the user maximum flexibility. For example, these applications allow both live streaming from a PC as well as live streaming with an iPhone or an Android Phone.

Below, we explain how live streaming with the Icecast application “butt” works. “Butt” is suitable for Windows and Mac computers. Please download “butt” here.


Livestreaming with “butt” – step by step

1. Connect your audio source. If you get your audio signal from a mixing console, you may need a USB audio interface to digitize the signal. If you are using microphone with a USB cable, you can just plug it into your computer. You can also stream from your computer with the integrated microphone. If you connect a condenser microphone directly to the interface, the “48v” switch on the back must be set to “ON”.

2. Download “butt” here (.dmg for Mac OS, .exe for Windows) and install it.

3. Log in to your Voice Republic account or create one.

4. Create the talk by clicking on “Publish” in the menu bar or on your profile page, then selecting “SCHEDULE LIVE TALK”. If you have already created a talk, you can click the “STREAM NOW” button on the Talk page.

menue bar publish

in between page schedule live talk

5. Hit the button “LAUNCH SERVER”.

venue page launch server

6. Once your server is started, click “CHANGE STREAMING SOURCE” and select “Laptop”.

venue page change streaming source

how will you stream


7. Click “Download Config File” in the pop-up that appears as soon as your server is launched. Save the file where you can find it again.

popup butt

8. Open the application “butt”. Go to “Settings” and then “Import”. Import the configuration file and hit “Save”. If you want to change your audio source, go to “Audio” and click on “Audio Device”.

butt import

9. Connect your streaming source by hitting the “Play” button in “butt”. You can see the audio signal on your Venue (Stage) Page and listen to it via your computer. You are the only one who can hear the signal now.

butt play

10. When the talk starts, hit “START STREAMING” to start your live stream. If you go to the Talk Page now, you can hear your own live stream.

venue page start streaming

11. Once the talk is over, click on “STOP STREAMING” and thenhit the “Stop” button in “butt”. The talk will now be processed and shortly be available in the archive.

butt stop

12. If you have other live talks coming up, you can stream them by clicking the “Play” button in “butt” again (step 9) – you don’t need to download another configuration file.



If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.