What does Voice Republic offer?

Voice Republic is the platform for quality spoken content. It is a simple and free tool for you to stream your event, lecture, panel or discussion live and reach a larger audience.

Live streaming gives everyone who can not take part in person the opportunity to listen and to participate in the discussion by using the comment section. After the live broadcast, your talk is automatically saved in the Voice Republic Audio Archive, can be listened to at any time and be downloaded as podcast. You can also easily upload audio files you have already recorded. Increase your range and benefit from the high quality context on our platform.

Leading thinkers in politics, sciences, art and culture, technology and the media spread their word on Voice Republic. Listening to the live streams and downloading the podcasts is free for all users.




Voice Republic for Trade Shows and Conferences

Voice Republic is perfectly suited for small but also larger events such as conferences, festivals or fairs. It is a simple and resource-saving event tool for live streaming and archiving audio content. For the organizers’ diffent needs, Voice Republic provides different solutions.

1. Livestreaming of Events

The live transmission of events is a great service for your audience and makes your content available worldwide – no matter where the event takes place. With the Voice Republic StreamBoxx, you can realize audio live streams and perform a backup recording at the same time. You control all your streams from a location of your choice, so one person can easily manage multiple parallel stages.

Just minutes after the end of a lecture or discussion, the audio file that was streamed will automatically be available in the Voice Republic Archive. It can now be heard online and downloaded as a podcast. This documentation in real-time is helpful for visitors who missed individual lectures or want to hear them again. Media that report in the event can instantly use the audio files for their coverage.

This is how it works: Livestreaming with the Voice Republic StreamBoxx


2. Recording and Archiving of Events

Sometimes the live broadcast of an event is not a priority or is difficult, for example due to a weak Internet connection. Alternatively, you can record your talks on site and subsequently upload them to the Voice Republic Archive.

Here’s how it works: Audio Upload at Voice Republic

If you want to upload more than 25 talks, we are happy to assist yo. Please contact us.