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A key factor for successful content marketing is a big reach on different channels. But writing a blog article or creating a podcast does not help when the readers and listeners can not find the content. Therefore, Voice Republic offers not only a high quality environment for audio content, but also various ways to share this.

Social Media Coverage

Whether a series or a talk, all content on Voice Republic can be distributed directly to Twitter and Facebook via social widgets. You only need to click the icon for the respective social network. This opens a window where you can enter your text for the post or tweet.

Social share options of a series on Voice Republic


Social share options of a talk on Voice Republic


A nice feature is the automatic player. Voice Republic transfers the talk’s metadata to Facebook and Twitter, when you enter its URL. For this reason, the user can hear the talk directly in the player of your network.

facebook player

The Voice Republic Embed Player

You can not only share your content on the social media networks, but also integrate it easily into your own website. Voice Republic a so-called iFrame for each talk. This iFrame can be insertedinto your blog or website with a simple HTML code. This way, your audio content is connected directly to your main communication channel and your visitors do not have to leave your website to hear it.


In addition, you can use the embed player for your press work. Journalists and bloggers can embed it into their articles. In our support article on the embed player, you can find tips on how to use it and how to adjust the size.

The Online Flyer

For each talk on Voice Republic a flyer is automatically generated. It can be downloaded and shared as an image file. Use the flyer as visual material for your advertising and marketing campaigns.

online flyer voice republic


Title photo: Yoel Ben-Avraham auf flickr

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