About Voice Republic

October 2, 2020: Voicerepublic.com is currently in the process being updated.

Background: In 2019 Voicerepublic was released as Open Source and handed over to its new host organization OpnTec Berlin. The goal is to make the platform available to a broader audience and ensure the development and security updates meet the needs of users. In September 2020 a number of security issues were identified in the code of the platform. Due to potentially severe security issues and the responsibilities to our users we decided to take the site temporarily offline and resolve the issues first. No user data has been released or server security breached. This is a precautionary measure. The platform will be back soon. Stay tuned for exciting updates and read below more about the goal of Voicerepublic and our Manifesto.

What is Voice Republic

Voice Republic is an Open Source platform for quality spoken content. It is a free tool for you to stream your event, lecture, reading or discussion live or upload a recording and reach a larger audience. Everyone who can not take part in person, can listen to the live stream and participate in the discussion by using the comment section. After the live broadcast, your talk is automatically saved in our audio archive, can be listened to at any time and be downloaded as podcast. You can also easily upload already existing audio files.

Voice Republic is an event solution, that is easy to customize, resource-friendly and flexible. The streams and recordings can easily be integrated into your communication channels such as websites, blogs and social media networks.

Increase your range and benefit from the high quality context on our platform. Leading thinkers in politics, sciences, art and culture, technology and the media spread their word on Voice Republic.

The Voice Republic Manifesto

1. Democracy lives on discussion and free speech

At Voice Republic, you can share and form your opinions.

2. Voice Republic lets speaker and listener meet at eye level

Every listener can be a speaker, and vice versa.

3. For more analog within the digital

Voice Republic lets discussions grow just like they do in the real world. You can express yourself in as much detail as you like, giving space to the subjects that interest you.

4. Voice Republic is founded on respect

Respect for other opinions, other genders, sexualities, religions and backgrounds. You know what we mean: We want to discuss and disagree respectfully, even when our strong opinions differ.

5. For a decentralization of the Internet

For security reasons, the Voice Republic servers that save personal data are all located in Germany and Switzerland, no exceptions. And it will stay that way.

6. We don’t do business with your data

Voice Republic has a business model. Your data is not part of it.

7. Voice Republic can forget

When you delete your account, your data is deleted with it. Voice Republic does not want a total archive.