Voice Republic team Patrick FrankPatrick Frank – Prime Minister

Patrick is a composer and cultural theorist living in Zurich. He studied Composition, Piano and Music Theory at Hochschule für Künste in Zurich, Philosophy and Cultural Studies at University of Luzern. He specializes in the subject of quantity versus quality. Voice Republic is Patrick‘s quality answer to a culture characterized by quantity. He is the co-founder of Voice Republic and Prime Minister.

Voice Republic team Ole KretschmannOle Kretschmann – Prime Minister

Formerly a cabinetmaker, Ole hung up his hammer for good to attend Berlin film school. Today he is a writer, entrepreneur and co-founder – or Prime Minister – of Voice Republic. He also founded Photoautomat Berlin  – a company dedicated to the classic analog photo booth.

Voice Republic team tobias von glenckTobias von Glenck – Minister of Finance

Tobias is a multi-layered musician and composer of classical, jazz and pop music. He also runs the artist’s house „Die Wache“ in Berlin. At Voice Republic he is on the supervisory board, responsible for strategy and conducts the finances.

Photo: © Gerald von Foris

Voice Republic team phil hofmannPhil Hofmann – CTO

Phil Hofmann started programming at the age of 10. He studied Computer Science, Multimedia Engineering and Philosophy and worked as Open Source Integrator, Researcher & Senior Software Engineer. At Voice Republic, he holds the position as CTO, constantly improving our platform to keep up with the growing demand.

Voice Republic team Nick NilesNick Niles – Minister of Product Design

Nick is a former rock musician and long-distance runner who’s been designing websites since 1997. He holds an MFA in film directing from Columbia University in New York and degrees in English and Art from Boston College. Nick lives with his wife and son in Zürich, where his music has grown folkier and his runs shorter. He is Head of Product Design at Voice Republic.

Voice Republic team Munen Alain M. LafonMunen Alain M. Lafon – IT Freelance

Alain is the the caretaker of the Sinopa Zen House, he studied Computer Science and works as a lecturer at Zurich University of Applied Sciences. He’s been programming for the web since 2004 and is constantly improving his own productivity as well as the productivity of the team he is working with by his knowledge about agile methodologies as well as tooling to facilitate a smooth development process. This is also his role at Voice Republic.